flush geometric for use with new flooring

top view
side view
exploded view
mounting screws
magnet detail

Geometric flush mount floor registers

These are designed to be used when you lay a new wood floor. Since the flooring contractor sands the floor before applying a finish these have a much thicker top layer than our regular geometric registers.

The standard woods are red oak, maple, and cherry. Other woods may be available. Call us if you have another wood in mind.

Any of the 26 geometric styles can be used, however some are sturdier than others. Call us for recommendations. Available patterns can be seenĀ here. And large closeups of the patterns can be seenĀ here.

Pricing is $1.75 per square inch of duct opening, with a minimum of $175.

Yes, they can be put into an existing floor by a skilled contractor. You'll want to talk to them first using the phrase "cutting in a flush mount register". But this is not a job for someone who isn't detail oriented.

geometric patterns