Geometric style wood cold air returns

The 26 styles range from sedate to flamboyant. They are an excellent choice for wall or ceiling, especially when painted to match the surrounding surface. They are not recommend for floor use, although it is possible to make that work if they are laminated together for extra strength.

One very nice feature is the ability for us to make them for any dimension of design opening and any overall dimension. This solves many problem with fit. Often people have a need for one side to be thinner or thicker than normal. We can easily accommodate that situation with this type of grille.

Often customers have wall openings that are all the way at the floor level and a surround baseboard that is relatively thick. We have an elegant solution for that, so if you have a situation like that give us a call and ask us to explain about "end caps".

These are often a good choice for cabinet inserts, privacy screens, or for disguising speakers. Our ability to make precise sizes comes in handy here.