Cold air returns

Are designed to collect the air in your room and direct it back to your furnace. Then it gets warmed up and is sent back out through the air ducts. Then the air dissipates and cools off it's thermal energy warming up your room and the cycle repeats itself. Cold air in, warm air out. Because cold air returns are so prominent in so many places, why not have them be a focal point of design? Not only are cold air returns usually rather unattractive, they can be downright ugly. Often you see them typically made out of unattractive cheap metal, that dents easily and may be coated lightly with some gray or greenish looking drab paint. Often they are dented and damaged.

We have so many different styles to choose from made from a profusion of different materials. The registers that we have are made from metals are copper, solid brass, stainless steel, aluminum, bronze, cast iron, nickel, and more. These cold air returns come in designs that you won't be locating at your neighborhood hardware store. Plus, we do custom sizes all day long, so if you have a special need, please don't hesitate to give us a call. The designs that we show on our site look wonderful in a wide variety of home styles. For instance the craftsman style is a wonderful addition to a bungalow style home and harmonizes with many of the furnishing that at typical of that era. A contemporary home looks great with the popular mission slatted style design. Get fancy and do the classic basket weave or honeycomb pattern to some real eye catching rave reviews. If you have a home that was constructed at the turn of the last century you often see eggcrate style registers and cold air returns. They are often in the hallway or near the kitchen, or perhaps by a staircase. From the passage of time and the typical wear and tear of use, they may have sustained some kind of damage and have your home looking a bit in disrepair. Lucky for you, you have stumbled onto our website! The ones that we build are really constructed in a much superior method than those from yesteryear. plus they look fantastic. Metal and geometric registers are best suited for ceiling or wall applications and the eggcrate unit style is good for the floor. The type of oak that was most commonly used in these units in the older homes was a red oak. one question we often get about cold air returns and heat registers is if they will catch on fire if they are wood. If you see fire shooting out your heat vents you might want to get out of the house and call 911.

Before you give us a call it is imperative to measure your duct openings correctly. Make sure you don't just guess at measurements when getting ready to place an order. Physically get a ruler and measure each of your duct openings, as sometimes they vary a lot from standard sizes. You might look at one and think that it is the same as one in a different room, but often times they are different. After all, you don't want to be stuck with cold air returns that don't fit. Some styles require that you make the a decision on which way that you want a pattern oriented. You might decide to print a copy off your computer of an image of the register and see which way the pattern would look best. Luckily, this doesn't come up all that often.

Make sure that you check out the huge array of geometric registers that we have. The wonderful patterns and ornamentation are precision cut with a laser out of different woods including oak, maple, cherry which you can stain to your liking and high grade paint veneers. which can then be painted in your particular color choice. They come in a large supply standard sizes and we can also make them in custom sizes for most anything you might need. Some times we have to make them so large that they come in segments that you assemble on your job site.