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Cold air return systems; why cold air returns should have adequate airflow

Cold air return covers efficiently collect air and direct it back to your furnace. The HVAC system heats it and directs it through the air ducts. The warmed air dissipates and releases the thermal energy thus warming the room and the cycle repeats itself. Because cold air returns are so prominently visible, a considerable application of deliberation should be spent to make the correct selection.

materials for cold air returns and the importance of measuring carefully

Our cold air return covers encompass many different styles manufactured from a profusion of different materials. You'll find cold air returns of copper, brass, stainless steel, aluminum, bronze, cast iron, nickel, resin and more. A wood cold air return is typically red oak or paint grade maple, but there are multitudinous choices of others woods such as hickory, cherry, mahogany, and many others.

Our cold air returns are available in designs that you won't be locating at your neighborhood hardware store. We specialize in custom sizes, so if you need an unusual dimension cold air return give us a call. We cater to aficianados of historic restoration. The craftsman style is a wonderful addition to a bungalow or American Foursquare style home and harmonizes with many of the furnishings typical of the era. A neutra-esque home looks great with the modern contemporary style. If you have a home that was constructed at the turn of the last century you often see eggcrate style registers and cold air returns. They are often in the hallway or near the kitchen, or perhaps by a staircase. From the passage of time and the typical wear and tear of use, they may have sustained some kind of damage and have your home looking a bit in disrepair. The ones that we build are really constructed in a much superior method than those from yesteryear. plus they look fantastic.

It is imperative to measure your duct openings correctly. Certainly don't guess at measurements when getting ready to place an order. Physically measure each of your openings; sometimes they deviate from standard sizes. Our knowledeable staff will assist you to make certain everything is configured correctly. There are many complexities that are best discussed in person to make sure installation goes effortlessly and accurately.