Signal Hill Registers

These striking old world heat registers will have you thinking you've struck oil in the home furnishing arena!  Inspired by the wealthy oil well regions of early California, these wonderful registers are exclusive to us, and are hand crafted and poured with massive amounts of genuine bronze, making them truly top-notch pieces. This grill is shown with a damper (or louver) behind it, which includes a wheel lever for accurate air control. Alternatively, you can also get them with a screen to prevent items from dropping into the ducting. Specify with or without screw holes.  Choose dark oil rubbed bronze (shown above), light oil rubbed bronze, satin nickel white bronze, or burnished bronze. Just look through this collection to see a representation of the different finishes. You can also get this register in cast aluminum with baked on paint in black, white, or brown, which can be painted over if you desire. Dampers available in 14 inch sizes or smaller sizes. Available with damper, screen or plain.