These returns are ready for their close-up! 

These classic grilles always get rave reviews! Not only are they inspired by the movie classic, but they are genuine authentic reproductions of a grille borrowed from a historic 1920's home in Pasadena! Your choice of damper (14 inch sizes or smaller) or screen, or plain. Available with or without screwholes.

A word about the finish options:

These are cast in either solid bronze or solid aluminum. The bronze castings receive either a dark, light, or burnished patina. Or, we can do a brushed nickel plating on them. We call that satin nickel white bronze. The aluminum castings get painted either black, brown, or white.

. . . a few other things of note:

Some large sized castings can only be done in aluminum as bronze can be problematic to cast in extremely large sizes. We offer a flat black box screen at no extra charge. This serves the dual purpose of preventing people from looking inside the ducting as well as catching dropped items (in floor units).